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Snow Socks For Forklifts

Under the name “AutoSock® for Forklifts” the inventor of the new category “supplementary textile grip devices” AutoSock AS offers also snow socks for forklifts.


Slippery driving conditions because of snow and/or ice indoor and/or outdoor.Unexpected winter weather can create driving conditions, demanding more traction than conventional tires can provide, especially those for forklifts. Tire chains – as far existing for forklifts - provide increased traction, but at a cost of added weight, difficult installation with very limited space around the wheels, damaged indoor floors and less than ideal performance.


The new Hi-Tec light-weight traction aid “AutoSock for Forklifts”, 100% based on man made high performance fibers, utilizes specially engineered gripping fabric, that provides traction & braking control, quick and easy to use both indoor and outdoor, without being heavy and difficult to handle, very easy and user-friendly to install and to remove and more over even preventing black bad looking rubber marks on indoor floors, which are usually hard to clean and remove from the surface.
Auto Sock fo Forklifts

AutoSock’s snow socks for forklifts are:

  • Quick & user-friendly to install.
  • Providing instant extra grip, direction stability, traction & braking control.
  • for both indoor & outdoor.
  • Maximizing safety for driver and vehicle.
  • Not causing costly wear to the floor/road surfaces.
  • Not producing rubber marks from the tires on the floor.
  • Emitting neither noise nor vibration.
  • Light-weight, compact foldable and convenient to store.
  • Washable & reusable.
  • Usable also for airplane loaders.