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Tüv Süd certyficate for AutoSock® This kind of TÜV-certification (according to the strict criteria of the aforementioned standards) is testifying not only the safety of AutoSock® & SnowGecko® and their increased performance capabilities in terms of grip & traction, direction stability, braking & acceleration skills and general driving control on snow and / or ice, but also quality-orientated manufacturing and production structures & processes with a comprehensive quality assurance system and quality management system. All this is subject to constant review in form of third party audits.

Up to date, AutoSock® and SnowGecko® are the first and only two products in the category of non-metal-based safety & traction devices („textile wheel covers“, „snow socks“, „snow socks for tyres“, „tire snow socks“), to which this advanced quality logo was awarded by the TÜV. Other TÜV logos in this category do not meet the same quality and performance criteria and are awarded already on base of far less and general requirements, in the simplest case even with just a conformity of the group of components. It is the main objective of AutoSock AS to warn and inform its distributors and end users about the difference of these existing safety implications between specifically homologated products and others.

See the differences between TÜV logos below.

Safety&Performance TÜV logos:


Tüv Süd certyficate for AutoSock® for cars & SnowGecko®
(AutoSock® for cars &SnowGecko®)
Tüv Süd certyficate for AutoSock® for trucks&buses
(AutoSock® for trucks&buses)


Basic TÜV logo:


Tüv certyficate for AutoSock®

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Created: Monday, 12 August 2013 13:14