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AutoSock® can be used in Italy The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio definitively annulled the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports of last year, which denied the equivalence between AutoSock’s winter chains for car and the traditional metal chains. The judgment follows the precautionary suspension of the decision of the Ministry, ordered by the same Court last December, on grounds that it did not adequately take into account AutoSock’s certifications. 

The judgment of the Regional Administrative Court is immediately enforceable. Therefore, drivers on Italian roads will be able to use, as from this winter, AutoSock ® textile winter chains for car when the mandatory snow chains sign is displayed. The bodies and entities owning or having in concession public roads have already been officially informed. Potential fines to drivers would be contrary to the judgment. Therefore, drivers can appeal them before the competent authorities. 

AutoSock® winter chains for car have been invented in 1996 by Bård Løtveit from Norway, who once got stuck because of a heavy snowfall and – not being equipped with snow chains – decided to wrap the tires of his car with stripes of fabric taken from his shirt. 

In other European countries, AutoSock® textile winter chains for car are widely used since long time. Since their launch on the market in 2003, they have been used by more than 3 million drivers. United Kingdom, France and Spain are the largest markets in Europe; Japan, Korea and United States in the rest of the world. AutoSock® textile snow chains can now be used once again also in Italy, which is an emerging market with great potential, given the interest shown by Italian drivers, following the last winter snowfalls. 

AutoSock® winter chains for car are also the available option for about 20% of the cars which have short distance between the wheel and the bodywork”, said Guillermo Pla, Senior Sales Manager of AutoSock Operations AS, the leading Norwegian company in this sector. “Italian drivers too have shown to appreciate such effective and easy-to-use device, with a high benefits/costs ratio. AutoSock® textile snow chains are particularly suitable in emergency situations, given that they can be fixed in few minutes. AutoSock® textile snow chains – Pla explains – are particularly useful in regions and cities where snowfalls are not foreseeable, and drivers are not used to winter tires or to have metal snow chains always on board. The ease of mounting (everybody in the family can do it), carrying, storage and fitting made them a successful product, suitable for any motor vehicle”. 

Furthermore, AutoSock® textile snow chains (whose price is about 60 Euros) are inexpensive, and keep the same performance levels for long time. They have a reduced impact on the road surface, with a consequent decrease in municipalities’ costs for roads maintenance. They finally allow drivers to save money in fuel, and to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. 

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Created: Wednesday, 24 July 2013 13:14