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Customer Feedback

Modern tyres aren't great in snow, more than a couple of inches + a slope means it's real struggle. Well not since I used a set of AutoSocks on my Skoda Fabia VRS last year, they gave excellent grip - managed a 50 mile round trip in heavy snow when the only other vehicles about were 4x4s. We live in a rural part of Herefordshire where they don't grit or plough the roads, so if you need a way to get onto the main roads then get a set of AutoSocks.

M Entwisle

Purchased these after 2 severe winters. As fate would have it the recent winter was mild. So I have not tried them but I have no doubt that they work as they come recommended by "Which" magazine known for its independent and impartial reviews. To compound things I've since changed the car to one with a different wheel size but I'm sufficiently confident in the product to order a new set. Anyone need a completely unused set of Autosocks!

J Rackmill

AutoSock is fantastic. So simple to put on and incredibly effective. We were stuck on compacted snow, that had turned to ice, facing downwards into a big bank of snow. No amount of snow grip strips, digging out or packing in extra snow worked. Quickly putting AutoSocks on we reversed out with ease. The BMW parked next too us was stuck on the mountainside all week! We wouldn't go anywhere during the winter now without them.


Was taking the family skiing to Val d'Isere last February half term. Myself and my neighbour were both driving our families across France and up the French Alps. He was in his 4x4 BMW and me in my lowly two wheel drive Ford Galaxy. Both cars were fully laden with kids and gear and we made good progress, despite my neighbour's need to keep stopping to refuel, but we didn't encounter snow covered roads until we arrived at Val d'Isere. Our Chalet was located at the end of a steep, ...