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Customer Feedback

Autosocks are easy to use and less time-consuming. It took me less then 10 minutes to install them completely on both wheels, and I got sufficient traction to get out of the snow covered roads in western Colorado. We are probably the first charter bus company in California to use them, and we will be purchasing more for the rest of our fleet.
Eddie Anthony

I just wanted to tell you how excellently AutoSocks worked for me this weekend. It was the first time I had used them and, if I'm honest, I wasn't expecting great things from them - I've had a hard mistrustful life!! AutoSocks did what it "says on the tin". They were only short of miraculous! At one point they were helping plough through 12'' of snow as if it was a clear road on a summer's days.


I don't think I have ever been compelled to write to a company before but driving home tonight in awful wintry conditions, I was.
I have owned a pair of Autosocks for approximately 2 years and I can't speak highly enough of them. I think I may have become your unofficial Maine, USA representative:). Anytime a conversation turns to winter driving I find myself singing the praises of your product and showing someone the Autosicks YouTube video. Your product is wonderful. Thank you for getting me home safely time and again.


Hi There,
I just wanted to write and say you have made an amazing product. It was a fantastic purchase. My husband and I are residing in Italy due to work and we came across the dilemma of trying to find snow tyres for our car. It was proving to be very difficult as our car can not have chains, as it is a 1989 Porsche 964...

As we are living about a 2 hr drive from Abetone Ski Town he was so keen to find something that would work for us so we could take off for the weekends and go snowboarding.

We tried them out for the first time last weekend. We are very happy to say they performed way above our expectation. The system that allows you to pull them straight off is just great. So quick and easy.


Well i've attached a pic to show the product in action.
We now look forward to many adventures in the snow !!


Owner Porsche 964

So good I got a set for the van last year & am about to buy anther set for the front end of my car, BMW.


It was impossible to access with just tyres, worked very well and very easy to get on and off.

A Lloyd.

Excellent product. My Mondeo has 18" alloys and wide tyres. This means it is useless in the snow. Rather than forking out hundreds of pounds for winter tyres (£500 a pair) I bought snow socks. Great to pop on when you leave a slippery side road and the pop off once on the main road. Will use again. Makes you feel a lot safer on the snow covered side roads.

J Willis

Very speedy delivery, haven't had enough snow to try them yet. Looking forward to the day when I can.

A Cooper

Very easy to put on-much easier than chains. I leave them in the boot all year round as they take up next to no space. Amazing performance in snow.

K Cook

Living in the Devon countryside we needed a plough to get out over the last 4 winters. After a lot of research I finally plumped for a pair of Autosock for my wife’s Rover 75 estate, as working in the care industry means she needs to get out no matter what. After using them 5 or 6 times, we were so happy with them that this year I have purchased some for my Golf estate. ...


Living on a hill really tests the "drive" and determination to get the kids to school and myself to work. For the first year ever I accomplished both tasks, thanks to Autosock. Neighbours were out using old carpets, cardboard, shovels etc - they were astonished at their effectiveness, even lent mine to a couple to get them out of the estate.

B Clarke

I drove away with ease, and safety. Removing them was very easy. We'll worth buying.


Would not leave home with out them in the car.


I bought the AutoSocks last year, and I had to use them as I got stuck in a hill on my way to work! They worked perfectly and after I put them in the car had no problems in the snow. The only bit of downside was obviously having to stop and get out of the car to put them on (while wearing a suit and high heels!) however, they are easy to use (didn’t need a man to help!!) ...


Used two pairs, front and back, on a BMW one skiing holiday, they were brilliant and have been hooked ever since. Have a set for each car and van in the household, and recommend them to all my friends.


Brilliant! I ploughed throw the deepest of snow and sub zero ice and snow in Yorkshire , i felt safe and confident i could get up any hill whilst driving in snow socks !!! ...and indeed i did . I carried them in the boot of the car and just popped them on when the snow got bad. Cheers well worth every penny.

Works well. Easy to use. Good value. Easy to carry round.


I live at the bottom of an estate with three ways to leave all uphill! My BMW 3-series won't move even on a frosty road. With the AutoSocks fitted it's like driving on a dry road even in the snow. Superb product! my only problem is with low-profile tyres, the space between the tyre and the wheel arch makes fitting very difficult, however I use a small roller jack to lift the car on my drive to fit the socks before setting off. Takes about 5-mins per wheel but we'll worth the time. Removing is easy.


I thought this product was excellent. I have a Citroen C1 which I used the snow sock on very successfully. I would recommend it to anyone who can’t afford a 4x4


Don’t even hesitate get a set.

J Watson

If, like me, you live in a hilly place where the local council can't be bothered to grit, then these are essential. They work exactly as advertised. The only slight problem I have come across is that they are not very easy to remove when you have limited room in the wheel arch as on a mk2 Ka. Fitting is easier but not without some slight struggling. Overall though, an amazing piece of kit.

K Levitt