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RAI3 On this section the several solutions for a safe driving under winter adverse situations are introduced, and some drivers are interviewed. When talking about “Calze da Neve” (snow socks) it arises that the Italian drivers are not aware of their current lawfulness, despite some of them admit to have used them or knowing somebody that have used them and confirmed that “they work”.

 On his appearance Mr. Cangialosi informs the Italian audience about the recent legal victories of AutoSock AS and confirms its lawfulness of AutoSock® textile wheel covers. He also mentions the internal note from the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs issued on 5th November, to all the road bodies (municipalities and police), preventing them to take any action against of AutoSock® textile wheel covers, while the “Consiglio di Stato” will decide on further actions after the Italian Ministry of Transports appeal. Mr. Cangialosi underlines the current lack of information existing in Italy around the regulations on winter traction solutions and those that are homologated, what would justify the current users’ misinformation.

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Internal note of Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs here:

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Situazione Legale in Italian

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